Notes from the mystical pad

The Sky is on the Earth

Abused, unconscious and scoffers,
Men of this century with vain greatness,
Pushed towards what tragic ineluctable destiny,
In times when everything tells the end is coming
Of such a heavy and grand secret,
Could you understand, finally,
The real of this world and the true,
In what you believe in nothing else than a fable.

J. Bourlanges

I broke all relationship with any small group “law 1901”
– They besieged me for 20 years
to extort my work in meetings and lectures, and exploit it to their own benefit
– They made me loose a lot of my precious time and cost me a lot
– Their pretending asterism has no value and is nothing more than a commercial gadget

This world is such a case
where everything is for appearance,
The real is not what is offered;
A hidden one shines and penetrates.

The unpredictable is my true pleasure
To live better and die well
I don’t like to know in advance
However I give you my trust

Brigit -
Letter 7-12-89

cerebral punctilious
manual meticulous
active sensitive evolving


Diploma don’t erase bullshit
It supports and strengthen it

Emma de Brouver

I slept in the bedroom
of Emma Calvé in the castle of Croissel
I know the blooming filed and its spring
I found the blue Apples
at the entrance destroyed by explosives I didn’t touch them
All pictures of this place are hazed in black
With an unusual radiance of thousand stars

History has to go back to Nogaret
Phil(ip) le Bel and go through the Joyful in Souvet
of Nogaret of Calvison of Murant the templer Udaut of A. Niort
The Nogaret and their fleet
at the head of France

    Philip VI   

Charles V
Charles VI
Charles VII

Rennes le Ch(ateau) – Michel Vallet

The blue apples
The entrance destroyed by explosives
Pictures all hazy
The blooming field The canal for
The slab – in medio linea, ubim secat, linea parva

Emma’s bedroom
in Croixel castle

Emma in Japan
The orchid in Japan
– Khatanga and others
– The countess of Chambord
– Tumbs in Yougoslovakia
Lorraine ancient and current
The suicide of Megerling
– The Joyful – Couiza – the map of Couiza
– Louvet of Nogaret Calvisson Marat
– Ark stone in Beausaire
Lord Cochon deaf city and the Joyful
– Perpignan


Since Bacon, in physics
The Method of Coincidences

Behind the (apparent) incoherence of
Myths, something is hiding

For milleniums men
intellectually fed themselves from Myths

There is nothing hidden that won’t be know

Igne Natura Renovatur Integra
By fire, Nature will be entirely rejuvenated

Stone by stone
He spent his life
placing stone over stone
he was building cathedrals;
he conceived them
stone by stone;
he made them
stone by stone!

To whom knows how to wait
everything comes in time

phosphoric acid – 0,50 g
ascorbic acid Vit C
sulfhydric acid –
fluorhydric acid
malic acid
acetic acid –

For all,
what matters
are encounters

who knows how to wait
everything comes in time

The Syndicalism of the small ones against the big ones
became the syndicalism of the big ones against the small ones

People of Provence

complex and lucid soul
selfishness – enclosed amongst each other
– generous impulse
– subtle –