A project by Marie Ilse Bourlanges & Elena Khurtova

Since 2014, Marie Ilse Bourlanges and Elena Khurtova research and intervene with the found archive of Jacques Bourlanges, author of an intriguing theory of a correlation between star constellations and French geography. His investigation connects esoteric symbols with long forgotten history of villages and mountain names by mirroring geometric figures of stars onto the French landscape. With his passing away in 1991, he left an archive of twenty-four boxes, that waited in oblivion until 2013. It contains an overwhelming abundance of notes, carefully organised in self-made folders, geometric drawings and a profusion of maps overlapped with mysterious lines.

This project is supported by the Mondriaan fund and Stichting Stokroos.

Finding the archive
Introduction – Residency at Atelier Holsboer, Paris
Chapter 01. Looking for the Ursa Major
Chapter 02. Le Dragon, Delph., Delv., Drag.
Chapter 03. Cephea's whispering stones
Chapter 04. Mapping the constellations (in process)
Chapter 05. Sans Réponses (in process)
Chapter 06. The Memory of a Fold
Chapter 07. Casting the Archive (in process)